Breathable pots

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Breathable pots

       Product features:

1,360 ° full breathable, basin air permeability reached 89%.

2, with super water and fertilizer function

3, free to add water is not the root

4, can be recycled products


Advantages: patented technology unique to the world

The magic of the flower pots that breathe:

1: pots can be 360 ​​° full breathable, basin air permeability of 89%, the air can be free shuttle, to solve the ordinary potted plants, the root of the poor breathing easily rotten root phenomenon.

2: flower pots in the breath at the same time can lock the water and nutrients, why say so? Because the bottom of the pot will breathe no openings. Water and nutrient flow does not go out, so you can do water, fertilizer, health effects.

3: are recyclable products: the production of raw materials from the flower pots from the desert silica sand, green can be recycled, when the flower pots are damaged, can be collected with Ren Chong recycled sand equipment re-made a new flower pot.

Principle to explain: Ren Chong Technology Group’s original patented technology, can be done so that the flower pot in the water while the effect of breathable. This patented technology is unique in the world and is far ahead of the world’s most advanced countries.

Product Video:

Application: Mainly used in balcony garden, home gardening, facilities, greenhouses, green works and gifts presented. Because it will breathe the global uniqueness of the flower pot, so as a gift to send friends is also a good choice.

Flower pot price: website customer service will tell you the specific price of the pot.

Ren Chong commitment to customers: Ren Chong will breathe pots, there are any quality problems immediately return refund!

Will breathe pots Product Image:

In the case of

Taxus is generally difficult to survive in the north, but the use of breathing pots after the growing amazing!

Live Demo:

From the pot to the inside of the wall blowing, will see a bubble out, which shows the gas into the, but the water can not come, is not it amazing?

Flower pot specifications:

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