Desert rice field

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Desert rice field

Difficulty in the project: planting rice in the harsh desert is an almost impossible thing to do, the difficulty of desert cultivation is how to prevent leakage and anti-evaporation.

Core technology: breathable anti-seepage technology (breathable anti-seepage sand)

Breathable anti-seepage sand is a waterproof and breathable high-tech materials.

Desert Rice Planting Method:

The first step: the machine ditch

The second step: shop breathable anti-seepage sand

The third step: cover soil leveling

Step four: machine transplanting

Desert rice is grown for 20 days

Desert rice cultivation for 35 days

Desert Rice Value:

1, the use of the power of science and technology will be transformed into a good desert

2, the desert is the world’s most pure land

3, the desert has a very pure water

4, desert areas full of sunshine

5, the pursuit of high quality, growth cycle of 160 days